Widow’s Walk

The Wild Rose Press, February 2020

ASIN: B082T4617B

Eye of the Gargoyle

Milford House Press (Sunbury Press), January 2020

Last Resort (A Beluga Stein Mystery)
Marietta Publishing, January 2003
ISBN #1-892669-21-8

Bee Movie (A Beluga Stein Mystery)
Marietta Publishing, October 2003
ISBN #1-892669-24-2

Mean Cuisine (A Beluga Stein Mystery)
Marietta Publishing, March 2006
ISBN #1-892669-30-7


“In the Quiet of Spring”


DAW, 2011

“Children of an Idle Brain”
Aberrant Dreams Speculative Fiction, 2008

“Sleeping Cities”
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women, Robinson (UK), Carroll & Graf (U.S.) 2001
Bookclub reprint, 2002

“Soul Catcher”
Electric Wine magazine, 2000 Reprinted story
Deathport, Pocket, 1993

“A Dress For Tea”

Confederacy of the Dead, ROC, 1993
Reprint, 1995
Dead Promises, Chameleon Publishing, 1999 Reprinted story

“Smiling Beasties”
In The Shadow of the Gargoyle, ACE, 1998
Reprint, 1999

“The Wall of the World”
Dark Destiny II, White Wolf, 1995
Reprint, 1997

Darklove, NAL, 1995
Reprinted in many countries

“The Boarder”
Final Shadows, Doubleday, 1991

The SeaHarp Hotel, Tor, 1990

“Door Closing”
When the Black Lotus Blooms, Unnameable Press, 1990

“Midnight Madness”
Women of Darkness, Tor, 1988
Reprint, 1989
Reprint, Feuer Tanz, Heyne, 1990

“Law of Averages”
Shadows 10, Doubleday, 1987


Gothic Ghosts (anthology co-editor)
Tor, 1997
Reprint, 1998
1998 International Horror Guild Award Nominee

Phobias (anthology co-editor)
Pocket, 1994

More Phobias (anthology co-editor)
Pocket, 1995


“The Magic Book”
Touring with Young Audiences of Atlanta, Fall, 2000-2006.
Produced July, 2000. Remounted production June, 2001

“The Dark Under The Bed”
Produced July, 1998.
Art Station, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

“Tea At The Vortex” (comedy)
Produced January, 2003.
Georgia Mountain Players, Gainesville, Georgia.
Won competition for staged reading: “Dramatic Spectacle III”
Sautee-Nacoochee Arts Festival, July 2001
Staged Reading: ART Station, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 1999

“Blind Hogs and Occasional Acorns” (comedy)
Workshop Production, February 2003.
Peacock Playhouse, Hayesville, North Carolina.
Staged reading: ART Station, Stone Mountain, Georgia. March, 1997
Staged reading: Decatur Arts Festival, May 1997

“Vigil Aunties” (farce)
Staged reading: ART Station, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 2000


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